Self Drive Tub Grinder Hire

In addition to our standard on farm / site service we offer self drve tub grinder hire.

If you have a large quantity of straw, grain, biomass or any other mass quantity of

feedstock and you have a capable tractor of your own available then this would

be a very good solution for you.


There are various different ways this service can be charged out; tonnage,

hourly or monthly.


For large one off jobs or even long term solutions then we would be keen to hear 

from you and help work out what best fits your needs. We will advise what machine

and configuartion will best suit your product and end market needs. In our

available self drive hire fleet which is made up completely of Haybusters we can

offer the following:


H1000 PTO Tub Grinder (standard configuration) HP requirement 130-200

H1000 PTO Grain Grinder (grain only) HP requirement 180-230

H1130 PTO Tub Grinder (standard configuration) HP requirement 180-300

H1100 Engine Mounted Grinder (420hp)