Boiler Fuel Supplies

We recognise miscanthus as the perfect energy crop for small and large scale biomass boilers. Through local contacts, associated business partners and additional services we carry out; TGS can cater or point you in the right direction for all your required needs:

  • Boiler advice 15kw – 5mw
  • Energy Crops Scheme Applications
  • Miscanthus Planting
  • Agronomy
  • Harvesting
  • Storage advice
  • Tub Grinding
  • Fuel supply contracts, bales or chips (walking floor lorry loads or Fliegl trailer loads) and Dr Heat extruded logs or puck size briquettes.

Compactor trailer ejecting boiler fuel

Why Biomass?

RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) is obviously a big draw for anyone installing a Biomass Boiler and who qualifies under the non domestic criteria (more than a single Dwelling). As you’ll see in the below RHI fuel evaluation sheet it shows the payback can be in 4/5 years with a guaranteed income (index linked) for a total of 20 years.

Probably the most important benefit to those who can grow or contract grow their Miscanthus as the fuel, is the price and security of that fuel for the next 20 years or more. Using a price of Miscanthus at £45.00/t the fuel cost is circa £0.01 per kwh, even contracted at £90.00/t is only £0.02 kwh compared with TODAY'S price of oil at about £0.055 per kwh.

For the purpose of the below example I have used Miscanthus chip at £100.00/t delivered which shows an excellent return per ha for the grower and saves circa £5000.00 per annum against an oil system on a 100kw boiler install running for 2000 hours per annum (100kw boiler is sufficient to heat 5 standard sized 3 bedroom houses). Heat can also be piped into grain drying floors, hot water systems for dairies, heating for broiler houses etc and the income from the system optimised by out of season use.

This is a brilliant opportunity for estates, Farmers and growers who have more than 1 dwelling and qualify under non domestic use and the land to grow the fuel.

Mass storage of Miscanthus in a chip form (direct from the field off a forage harvester) will be an issue for some installs, therefore TGS are happy to supply a chipping and supply contract through the year.

ETA Hack Chip

ETA Hack boiler suitable for burning miscanthus chips (several have now been installed specifically for burning miscanthus) 


Fuel evaluation sheet