Poultry Bedding

Miscanthus Poultry Bedding (MPB)

By equipping our Grinder with fine screens we can produce some of the most absorbent poultry bedding on the market. Miscanthus cane has a very absorbent pith in the centre of the cane, this true potential can only be released once it’s been hammer milled and the end result is a bedding that is unbelievably very soft to the touch.

The central pith in the cane plays two roles, one for absorbency and second as an insulate which proves to keep birds warmer than conventional wood shavings. It is these two main characteristics that make this bedding product stand above the rest.

On average MPB has a moisture content of 10% and this is an excellent base to start from in absorbing moisture from droppings and water drinkers. MPB has the ability to maintain its condition right through the cycle and this has the right knock on effect reducing ammonium production and bacterial growth in the bed.

MPB is always delivered as a 100% consistent product in terms of shred size & moisture content and is fully traceable back to the field the cane was grown on in the South West.

There are two main options available to the user for obtaining this product:

1. Through our deliver & shred service, two size options (lorry or tractor & trailer)
2. Bulk delivery, two size options (walking floor lorry or Fliegl trailer)

We have now been selling this unique service for over three years and the results from our repeat custom speaks volumes.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about this product. We can put you in touch with some of users so you can get a first hand experience of the benefits of this product.